Some legal matters in the private life require help from an expert, especially when it comes to managing family businesses and property and the optimizing of gift and estate taxes.

We provide legal services to individuals in, inter alia, the following matters:​

  • Distribution of Estates
  • Estate Administrations
  • Testaments
  • Deeds of Estate Matters
  • Generational Changes in Enterprises
  • Tax Planning and Tax Matters
  • Company and Housing Company Matters
  • Tenancy and Lease Agreements
  • Director’s Agreements and Employment Related Matters


It is important to control the legal matters and risks involved in the pertinent trade. The environment changes fast and legislation gets more complex. Thus, entrepreneurs and management often need legal expertise to sort out their rights and obligations and the optimal way to proceed. Unexpected situations can be avoided by making sufficient preparations and sorting out obscurities and risks in advance. Once a problem has developed into a dispute, the methods for solving it are much more limited.

We offer experienced high-quality services to our corporate clients mainly in the following areas:​

  • Contract Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Tax Planning and Taxation Matters
  • Generational Changes
  • Company Mergers, Restructurings and Liquidation
  • IPR Matters
  • Labour Law and Employment Contracts
  • Dispute Resolution by Negotiations and Court Proceedings